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  • Prickly Pam

    Prickly Pam

    Retired IT pro; BA Philosophy; auto repair shop owner; bleeding heart liberal; vegetarian; recurring MDD sufferer; proud mom of a brilliant queer woman.

  • Jennifer Anderson

    Jennifer Anderson

    I’m a freelance writer specializing in relationships, personal growth, and mental health content. I also provide marketing and copywriting services.

  • Leah Moon

    Leah Moon

  • Pinar Tarhan

    Pinar Tarhan

    Freelance writer for hire. Careers, Business, Lifestyle, and anything else that inspires me. http://writing.pinartarhan.com

  • Katherine Grace

    Katherine Grace

    NeuroDivergent Writer. Editor. Survivor. Get my free Gratitude Journal. Because gratitude can change everything ❤ https://www.subscribepage.com/gracenotes

  • Stephanie Georgopulos

    Stephanie Georgopulos

    former editor-in-chief of human parts. west coast good witch. student of people. get in touch: stephaniehope1@gmail.com

  • Amer Otis

    Amer Otis

  • Abi Nathan

    Abi Nathan

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