Suicide Prevention’s Biggest Problem: It Never “Gets Better”

Gabriel Nathan
7 min readFeb 13
FYI: people who die by suicide don’t “give up”, but that’s another rant for another post. Also, I used this picture because a) I took it and b) all the Unsplash pics on this topic suck shit. (Author’s pic and fingers.)

I recently started an “Ask Me Anything” about mental health and suicide prevention on my Instagram, and I have some pretty mixed feelings about it. And when I say “it”, that’s kind of misleading, because there is no end to the “it” about which I have mixed feelings — it’s more of “I have some pretty mixed feelings about they” and that’s not me trying to be cute or glib about gender…

Gabriel Nathan

Gabe is Editor in Chief of OC87 Recovery Diaries, a mental health publication. He drives an old VW year round and wears corduroy trousers in the summer.